Remote - Fresco Aurora Outdoor Electric Heater


This remote is an optional accessory for those who do not have a smart phone to access the Fresco Aurora App or who would like to purchase an additional remote for their Fresco Aurora.

The remote will allow for the heat, ambient light and colour light to be operated independently.

Note: This remote control will suit the Fresco Aurora Model 23101 however it is NOT compatible for use with the IXL Fresco Nova Model 22001.

NZD 229.00
  • Fresco Aurora Remote Control 

Q. I operate my Fresco Aurora with a remote only will the unit still time out after 3 hours?

A. Yes as the timer function is incorporated into the electronic and not the remote.


Q. Can I extend the timer function with the remote?

A. No, you will need to download the App and connect the Fresco Aurora to your Wi-Fi to enable you to extend or reduce the timer function.


Q. If the timer function has been reduced or extended via the App will it default back to 3 hours if I choose to operate the Fresco with a remote?

A. No as the timer function is incorporated in the electronic, the electronic will store the information and continue to time out at the designated time set.


Q. If I perform a reset on my Fresco Aurora will the timer function default to its original 3 hour setting? 

A. Yes.


Q. Can I disconnect the timer function?

A. No you cannot disconnect the timer function as it incorporated in the electronics, however through your App you can switch it to the zero (off) position which means the unit will not switch off.


Q: My Fresco remote does not seem to work?

A: Please follow the following steps:

1. Check if you have functioning batteries. If not then please replace them.

2.  The IR sensor built on Fresco Aurora has limited in distance and reception angle. Please consider pointing the remote from a more favorable angle and distance.