Tastic Neo Vent n Lite Module - White

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The Tastic Neo Vent n Light gives bright, instantaneous light using 3 x 7W energy saving LED downlights and powerful in-line extraction of 375m3/h suitable for bathrooms up to 18.75 m3 when used on its own.

Powder rooms,butler's pantries and laundries all benefit from increased ventilation and energy efficient task lighting. IXL Vent n Lite module makes it easy to position ventilation and task lighting wherever you need it.

The product is backed by 5 year in-home warranty for the unit and 2 year replacement warranty on online fan, giving you the peace of mind when you purchase.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse

NZD 499.00

Colours Available: White / Silver

Heat Lamps: N/A

Fan Size: 170mm

Exhaust Capacity m3/h: 360 (when using 6m of ducting included)

Exhaust Capacity l/s: 100  (when using 6m of ducting included)

Centre Light: 3 x 7W LED Directional Downlights

Watts (Fan in Brackets): 96 (75)

Half Heat Function: N/A

Max. Ceiling Height for Heating (m): N/A

To Exhaust Bathrooms With Shower (m3): 18m3 (when using 6m of ducting included)

To Exhaust Bathrooms Without Shower (m3):  45m3 (when using 6m of ducting included)

Back Draught Shutters: Yes

Inline Fan Ducted to Outside: Yes (6m of ducting included)

Supplied with Switch Set: No

5 Year in Home Warranty: Yes

2 Year Replacement Warranty on Heat Lamps: N/A

2 Year Replacement Warranty on Inline Fan: Yes


Total Height of unit (Not including Fascia): 201mm (Neo Unit) 215mm (Inline Fan)

Fascia Dimensions: 361mm x 237mm

Cut Out Size Required: 332mm x 214mm

Minimum Clearance Height Required (above inline fan): 15mm

Weight of Unit (kg): 1.9 (Doesn’t include inline fan)

Length of Ducting Supplied: 6m x 150mm dia.


*Additional ventilation may be required for large bathrooms. Please note that if the batrhoom flows into another open space such as a bedroom or walk-inrobe then these areas need to be included in your calculations. If there is an open shower, we recommend an additional IP-rated fan above the shower area regardless of the size of the bathroom.

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