With 160 years experience in heating Australian homes, IXL offers an outdoor entertaining appliance like no other with the Fresco Aurora exterior heater. The IXL Fresco Aurora is an app-controlled outdoor electric heater that combines modern technology with ambient infrared heat, task lighting and mood lighting in one stylishly designed unit, ideal for outdoor alfresco living areas.

The Fresco Aurora is equipped with two 1000-watt Carbon Fibre Medium Wave heat lamps with half heat option that allow you to customise optimal heat from chilly summer evenings to cold winter mornings. Even heat distribution is ensured through inclusion of two types of internal reflectors that radiate heat uniformly within your veranda or patio. Fresco Aurora uses Halo Heat technology to provide rapid warmth all year round and use of the built-in timer function provides up to 10 hours of radiant heat.

Programmed with the full spectrum of colours, the Fresco Aurora’s mood lighting instantly transforms your space to express your desired ambiance. A range of colour combinations can be programmed from the free Fresco Aurora app to allow you to customise your space to your every outdoor entertaining need. Dimmable task lighting is also built-in to the unit for maximum functionality, using highly efficient LED strips for long-lasting illumination.

Fresco Aurora has a timeless design with an elegant medium bronze finish that elevates your outdoor area into a cosy and ambient space. The design ensures rust prevention and allows safe usage in coastal environments through an anticorrosive aluminised and powder coated steel construction. The unit is suited best for suspension from flat or gabled roofs, making it ideal for outdoor dining areas, verandas or balconies.

The Fresco Aurora’s free app provides effortless control of each function, allowing mood-transforming light changes at the tap of your phone. The app is available for download from both Apple and Google Play stores, or alternatively an optional remote control can be purchased from IXL distributors or online.

The IXL Fresco Aurora is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, and comes with a two-year in-home warranty.