The name you can trust


When it comes to bathroom devices you can trust, you can’t go past IXL. This brand benefits your home by providing the ultimate in venting, heating and lighting for your room with quality products that are light years (excuse the pun!) ahead of the competition.


Two of our favourite products from this known brand include the Tastic Prime 3-in-1 (four heat lamps) and Tastic Vivid 3-in-1 bathroom heater, exhaust fan and light (two heat lamps). These products are powerful extractors, with 310m3/h airflow. They also feature long-lasting instant 275W infrared heat lamps that provide rapid warmth on those chilly winter mornings. Better yet, the fascia is dishwasher-safe, allowing for an easy clean. They are suitable for areas up to 6.46m² with a shower, and 16.15m² without one. If draughts are an issue in your bathroom, the Tastic Eco Vivid 3-in-1 bathroom heater, exhaust fan and light with back draught flaps is a must. This exciting device provides two of those strong and instant heat lamps that the Prime 3 and Vivid 3-in-1 utilise, but adds in self-sealing back-draught flaps to prevent draughts and insects entering the unit while not in use. This product is suitable for areas up to 5.54m² with a shower or 13.85m² without.


The range continues with many other exciting products and features. The Tastic Paramount 3-in-1, Prime 3-in-1 and Vivid 3-in-1 bathroom heater, exhaust fan and light features an energy saving centre light, with a multi-option LED light source and choice of warm, cool and daylight illumination available at the simple flick of a switch.


The Tastic Luminate range is another hero of this brand. The Single and Dual models offer 480m3/hr strong air-flow extraction to eliminate steam instantly, with the 800W heat lamp providing warmth with the added benefit of a cut-off timer to ensure your power bill remains manageable. The Vent Module is another star thanks to its ability to banish odours and water effectively while the Vent n Light Module offers that same powerful exhaust fan with that signature IXL lighting design. The Heat Module offers instant heating and is suitable for use throughout your home — just imagine one in your walk-in robe, making those outfit choices all the less rushed on those cold mornings.


These IXL ranges are Australian designed and made. Support quality local business with lighting, heating and venting that truly benefits you and your home.


Originally featured in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 27, No. 2.